What will it take to achieve The Arizona We Want? Hundreds of organizations, individuals and leaders uniting behind a shared framework.

The new Progress Meters provide recent data on where each Citizen Goal stands; they serve as a starting point and set of resources for where our communities need help.

The Progress Meters break down each Citizen Goal into stepping stones that help us meet our broader purpose. CFA creates each Progress Meter in partnership with experts and leaders in the field, supported by data provided by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy. We collaborate to identify key metrics needed to accomplish the Citizen Goals, and seek broad endorsement of the progress meters from organizations working towards these goals.

The Progress Meters will launch throughout 2016. The the Education Progress Meter is available here. The Job Creation Progress Meter is available here.

Are you or someone you know working to accomplish one of the Citizen Goals? Let us know!

We are continually adding Success StoriesĀ highlighting the work of individuals and organizations contributing towards the goals. Help inspire others to do the same!