Success Stories

  • Recycled City
    Recycled City
    Recycled City gives Phoenicians an opportunity to contribute to the local food economy.
  • Healthy Workforce, Healthy Business
    Healthy Workforce, Healthy Business
    The Healthy Arizona Worksites program helps businesses develop outcomes-based wellness programs.
  • Shade in the City
    Shade in the City
    Phoenix's Tree and Shade Master Plan hopes to cover 25 percent of the city with tree shade by 2030.
  • Connecting Families to a Healthy Future
    Connecting Families to a Healthy Future
    Keogh Health Connection helps the most vulnerable people secure affordable health care.
  • Economic Development Academy of Arizona
    Economic Development Academy of Arizona
    Providing educational opportunities for aspiring economic development professionals.
  • AZ Common Ground
    AZ Common Ground
    Helping to support, advocate and mentor previously incarcerated youth and adults to become servant leaders within Maricopa County.
  • Connecting to Careers
    Connecting to Careers
    Career Connectors brings professionals in transition together with hiring companies and other resources.
  • Making Relocation Easy
    Making Relocation Easy
    Sun Corridor's "soft landing" program is helping Caterpillar transition its surface and mining technology division to Tucson.
  • Student Vote Coalition
    Student Vote Coalition
    Inspiring young Latinos to vote.
  • A University in Payson
    A University in Payson
    Keeping college-bound rural students in Payson to boost the city's future and increase graduation rates.
  • Smart City Hack
    Smart City Hack
    Creating a better Phoenix through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • UMOM New Day Centers
    UMOM New Day Centers
    Providing workforce training to the homeless.
  • Empowering Refugees
    Empowering Refugees
    Learn how the IRC is helping refugees settle in Arizona and find jobs.
  • Hive @ Central
    Hive @ Central
    Nurturing budding entrepreneurs.
  • ZipRecruiter Expands to Tempe
    ZipRecruiter Expands to Tempe
    A major tech company chose Tempe for its expansion, bringing with it new jobs.
  • Arizona/Mexico Trade Key to Jobs
    Arizona/Mexico Trade Key to Jobs
    The importance of Mexico-Arizona trade was the topic of discussion at a recent Arizona Town Hall event.
  • AzCAN
    Preparing students for college.
  • Future Leaders Town Hall
    Future Leaders Town Hall
    Engaging young people in Arizona's future.
  • Central Arizona Conservation Alliance
    Central Arizona Conservation Alliance
    Coming together for sustainability.
  • Gifted In Arizona
    Gifted In Arizona
    An in-depth look at gifted issues in Arizona schools.
  • Ben's Bells
    Ben's Bells
    Spreading kindness after grief.
  • LeadLocal: Think, Learn, Do
    LeadLocal: Think, Learn, Do
    Empowering people to lead through collaborative, innovative, action-based learning opportunities.
  • Saving an Economic Lifeline
    Saving an Economic Lifeline
    The story of how Navajo County rallied to save the Apache Railway.
  • Mobilizing for Education
    Mobilizing for Education
    How one parent got involved to help pass an important school district override.
  • Ajo Works: Creating Jobs
    Ajo Works: Creating Jobs
    A rural workforce development project that boosts the local economy.
  • A Future with Purpose
    A Future with Purpose
    Preparing at-risk students for the future.
  • A Chance to be Heard
    A Chance to be Heard
    Arizona Youth Town Hall is engaging young people in Arizona's future.
  • Powering the Future
    Powering the Future
    Creating jobs for young talent.
  • Health Care for a Diverse Community
    Health Care for a Diverse Community
    Providing care for an extremely diverse population with over 60 different languages.
  • Engineering the Future
    Engineering the Future
    Engaging students through robotics.
  • Economic Growth on the Vine
    Economic Growth on the Vine
    Arizona's wine industry brings growth to the state's economy.
  • Water for the Future in Payson
    Water for the Future in Payson
    Tough decisions and lots of patience made sure the town of Payson has water for the future.
  • Cottonwood Wines and Dines
    Cottonwood Wines and Dines
    Making a comeback by investing in the wine industry and making long-term plans.
  • Hispanic Leadership Institute
    Hispanic Leadership Institute
    Working to produce the next generation of Latino leaders.
  • Steps to Success
    Steps to Success
    Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and teams of community members hit the streets to get kids back in school.
  • Verde River @ Clarkdale
    Verde River @ Clarkdale
    Tying a healthy economy to a healthy environment. Photo by Doug Von Gausig


Our Success Stories page is where you’ll find stories about people, organizations and communities who are doing work throughout the state to achieve The Arizona We Want.

We focus on ideas and innovation that have developed into successes, as well as initiatives that are still coming to fruition. We hope you will take these tips and techniques and use them in your own communities to innovate and create progress throughout our great state. Please take time to post on our forum pages in the areas you are interested in and share your success stories.