Leadership & Staff


Lattie F. Coor, Ph.D.Lattie F. Coor, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO
Sybil Francis, Ph.D.Sybil Francis, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Ellen R. Babby, Ph.D.Ellen R. Babby, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow
Aaron Ball, Ed.D.Aaron Ball, Ed.D.
Director, College and Career Pathways
Pat BeatyPat Beaty
Senior Fellow
Jessi BlackJessi Black
Office Coordinator
Katia A. Brown, MBAKatia A. Brown, MBA
Development Manager
Amanda Burke, Ed.D.Amanda Burke, Ed.D.
Senior Director, Education and Workforce
Evelyn CasugaEvelyn Casuga
Katy CavanaughKaty Cavanaugh
Orlando CazarezOrlando Cazarez
Project Manager, Retail Sector Initiative
Allisen DahlstedtAllisen Dahlstedt
Research Assistant
Cindy ErwinCindy Erwin
Director, College and Career Pathways
Nora HannahNora Hannah
Kristi J. Kappes, M.Ed.Kristi J. Kappes, M.Ed.
Director, Fiscal and Business Operations
Holly KurtzHolly Kurtz
Director, Retail Sector Initiative
Robert LusterRobert Luster
Director, Information Technology
David Martinez IIIDavid Martinez III
Project Manager, Civic Health Initiatives
Megan McWenieMegan McWenie
Manager, Education Innovation and Student Success
Madison NeanoverMadison Neanover
Civic Engagement Assistant
Larry E. Penley, Ph.D.Larry E. Penley, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow
Lin PhillipsLin Phillips
Executive Assistant
Rosanna Rangel, MBARosanna Rangel, MBA
Executive Assistant
Kristi TateKristi Tate
Senior Advisor, Civic Health Initiatives
Joseph B. Valdez, MGMJoseph B. Valdez, MGM
Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications