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Posted on July 20, 2016 • Category: Economy


Americans who believe it likely that U.S. youth will have a better life than their parents.
The results are up from 44% in 2011, but still below 66% from early 2008.
70% say there is still plenty of opportunity in U.S. to get ahead.

Views of Opportunity in U.S. Improve, but Lag the Past

Gallup Analytics, June 29, 2016


Throughout our nation’s history, every generation has achieved a better life than the previous one – a higher standard of living, more education and, overall, a greater quality of life. This confidence that a better life is possible has driven the country’s growth for decades. Are perceptions changing?


A recent editorial in The Arizona Republic focused on Governor’s Ducey’s draft report of his efforts to develop a new marketing campaign for Arizona. As the editorial notes, what jumped out in the Governor’s report is “an appreciation of the Arizona lifestyle.” That lifestyle is “nurtured by the great outdoors, the remarkable weather, the natural beauty, the relatively low cost of living and a diversity of people and cultures.”

The state Arizonans want
The Arizona Republic, July 13, 2016

These same values were captured clearly in The Arizona We Want, the results of the Gallup Arizona Poll in 2009. Among 14 quality of life factors, the natural beauty of Arizona and the availability of outdoor parks, playgrounds and trails are considered the state’s greatest assets by the people who live here.

The Arizona We Want results also reflect some of the same confidence and concerns that Americans have today.


Can people in this country get ahead by working hard - Yes


Will the next generation of Arizonans have a better standard of living that you have today?


For you and your family, is the American Dream more about Stability or Opportunity




Over the last few weeks

64% Americans who believe blacks have same chance as whites in their local community to get a job for which they are qualified, the lowest percentage since 1995.
Americans’ Optimism About Blacks’ Opportunities Wanes  

Gallup Analytics, July 15, 2016


-17 How Americans rate current economic conditions and whether they feel the economy is improving or getting worse. NOTE: A negative number means that more people say the economy is doing poorly and getting worse than those who feel more positively.
U.S. Economic Confidence Stuck at Lower Level  

Gallup Analytics, July 19, 2016


53% Americans who feel at least “somewhat” confident about their financial future.
In U.S., Slim Majority Confident About Financial Future  

Gallup Analytics, June 24, 2016