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Posted on April 27, 2016 • Category: Education


Americans who say it's "very important" for adults to have a degree or professional certificate beyond high school.

Americans Say Postsecondary Education Very Important

Gallup Analytics, April 12, 2016



Unless Arizona leaders agree on a long-term action plan for education, the state’s economic base will continue shifting to lower-wage jobs. Our ability to attract or create high-wage jobs depends on our ability to provide a qualified workforce and a top-class education system from Pre-K through high school graduation, professional certification and degrees earned from community colleges and universities.



In the Gallup Arizona Poll (2009), citizens set high expectations for what they want in an education system:

  • Students will graduate from high school fully prepared for success in college, career and life.
  • High school graduation requirements will align with national and international standards.
  • Education will be customized to meet student goals.

The Gallup Arizona Poll found that only 19% of Arizonans rated their community highly for the quality of its public schools.

Education matters—to the future of Arizona's economy, the prosperity achieved by its citizens and our overall social and civic health as a community of people.

Overall, How Do You Rate the Quality of K-12 Education in Your Area -- Excellent


Do Arizona Public Schools Prepare Students to Get a Good Job? – Yes



Developed by the Center for the Future of Arizona, Expect More Arizona and many other partners, the Education Progress Meter gives all Arizonans the opportunity to understand how our students are going on both local and statewide levels. You can also find out how the students in your local school are doing compared to state averages.

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55% K-12 students who strongly agree that they have at least one teacher who makes them excited about the future.
2015 Gallup Student Poll  
2015 Gallup Student Poll, January 6, 2016


68% Arizona jobs that will require additional education and training beyond high school by 2020.
Recovery on Job Growth and Educational Requirements through 2020  
Center on Education and the Workforce, Georgetown University, 2013


68% A Buffett/Gallup Survey recently found that the majority of Nebraskans believe early care and education has a "lot" of impact on the long-term success of students in school and in life.
Nebraskans View Early Care as Critical to Children's Success  
Gallup Analytics, March 29, 2016