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Posted on August 17, 2016 • Category: Healthcare


Uninsured U.S. adults at end of second quarter, 2016. The uninsured rate has declined most among young people, Hispanics, Blacks and the poor.

U.S. Uninsured Rate Remains at Historic low of 11%

Gallup Analytics, July 11, 2016


In a recent Gallup poll, healthcare costs were again identified as the top financial concern for American families. Uncertainties about every aspect of the U.S. healthcare system, from costs to access and availability, continue to drive their concerns.


The public discussion about the rising cost of healthcare in America has waged for several decades, but the discussion is changing as the number of uninsured U.S. and Arizona adults continues to drop to an historic low of 11%. Currently, the issues revolve around what changes, if any, will be made to the Affordable Care Act in the future.


Recent Gallup surveys that compare AZ to U.S. on healthcare issues include:


Do any health problems prevent you from doing all the things people your age normally can do? - Yes



Your physical health is near-perfect? - Strongly Agree



Are you satisfied with how the healthcare system is working for you? - Yes



In the past 12 months, have there been times when you did not have enough money to pay for healthcare and/or medicines that you or your family needed?




The Center is committed to advancing the goals of Arizona citizens and a key part of achieving their goals is celebrating the success stories that characterize our state.

This week, AZ Spotlight features stories about healthcare issues:

Connecting Families to a Healthy Future  
The Keogh Health Connection helps the most vulnerable people in the state secure affordable healthcare during times of personal crisis, focusing on those who are participating in programs to achieve self-sufficiency.

Center for the Future of Arizona, August 15, 2016

Ducey Signs Bill Restoring Kids Health Insurance  
Gov. Doug Ducey signs legislation reinstating KidsCare hours after the Senate approved the measure. More than 30,000 Arizona children from low-income families will be eligible for health insurance.

The Arizona Republic, May 6, 2016

Health Care for a Diverse Community
Asian Pacific Community in Action was formed in 2002 to meet the health needs of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AA and NHPI) individuals and families living in Arizona.

Center for the Future of Arizona, September 23, 2015

11% Uninsured U.S. adults at end of second quarter, 2016.
The uninsured rate declined the most among ages 26 to 34 (down nearly 9%), Hispanics (-10.9%), Blacks (-8.6%) and among those earning less than $36,000 (-10.3%).
U.S. Uninsured Rate Remains at Historical Low of 11%  

Gallup Analytics, July 11, 2016


15.5% Fewer Americans report not having enough money in the past 12 months to pay for necessary healthcare and or medicines. This is the lowest percentage since Gallup and Healthways began tracking in 2008.
In U.S., Healthcare Insecurity at Record Low  

Gallup Analytics, June 20, 2016


15% Americans who cite healthcare costs as family’s top financial concern.
Healthcare Costs Top U.S. Families’ Financial Concerns  

Gallup Analytics, April 27, 2016