America's Top Financial Concern

Posted on July 25, 2017 • Category: Healthcare


The great debate over America’s healthcare system has not been resolved. Rising concerns about the cost of healthcare come at a time when Congress wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act without the consensus to replace it. Uncertainty about what Congress will do, or not do, now ranks at the top of family concerns about the future.

Top 5 Most Important Financial Problems Facing Family


The Gallup Arizona Poll made clear that Arizonans want access to affordable healthcare with payment assistance for those who need it. It was one of the highest priorities identified by Arizonans. If not the Affordable Care Act, what options do Arizonans have and how can state leaders achieve this goal?

Arizona-based Vitalyst Foundation launched the 2017 Year of Healthy Communities initiative to support community-based efforts that take action across a broad range of issues affecting health. We encourage you to find out more about what they are doing to engage and activate Arizona citizens at


#1 Americans say that the cost of healthcare is their greatest family concern.
Cost of Healthcare is Americans’ Top Financial Concern  

Gallup Analytics, June 23, 2017
18% Percentage of national GDP allocated to healthcare in 2015, compared to 9% in 1980. Despite growth in expenditures, health outcomes lag other wealthy nations.
Report: Healthcare in America is Grossly Inefficient.  

Gallup Analytics, Dec 15, 2016