AMERICA'S MIDDLE CLASS: How fast is it shrinking?

Posted on April 10, 2017 • Category: Jobs and Employment


America’s middle-class now represents 50% of middle-income households and 43% of the nation’s workforce. As the ranks of lower- and higher-income workers increase, the income inequality and opportunity gap that America is creating will become a more important political and social issue. The American Dream is upward mobility, which is becoming increasingly more difficult.


Income Distribution Over Time



Arizona's Well-Being: What holds us back?



Arizona continues as one of the top states in the nation for the sense of well-being felt by the people who live here. But there’s also room for improvement.


These results and other findings from the Gallup survey made it possible for CFA to identify a key citizen goal of The Arizona We Want.

Citizen Goal: Create quality jobs for all Arizonans.
Arizonans want high school students to graduate college-career ready and they want more job training programs for people of all ages.

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“The shrinking middle class is a constitutional problem because our Constitution wasn’t designed for a country with significant economic inequality.” – Ganesh Sitaraman
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43% Americans who identify themselves as middle class.
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50% Percentage of middle-income American households in 2015, compared to 61% in 1971.
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