Move on When Ready

Preparing Every Student for College and Career

Through Move On When Ready, Arizona is at the leading edge of demonstrating how to design and implement a student-centered, personalized learning approach that prepares every student for success in college and career. This program that allows Arizona high school students to earn a recognized high school diploma that is designed to deliver skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and career. Move On When Ready is based on more than 20 years of research on the education systems of countries that consistently outperform the United States in student achievement.

Encouraging Results in a Diverse Set of Arizona Schools

Now in its fifth year of implementation, Move On When Ready is working with more than 20 diverse high schools, impacting more than 26,000 students statewide. The students are reflective of Arizona’s demographics – nearly 50% are Latino and over half live in low-income households. CFA also works with a growing number of middle schools that want to align their work with the participating high schools their students will attend.

Any school can participate on a voluntary basis. If you are interested in collaborating with Move On When Ready please contact:

Megan McWenie
Move On When Ready Learning Collaborative Coordinator